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Wing foil - the Light wind revolution. F-One Strike CWC.

Our wing foiling Sydney school will be opening soon:) Wing foil in lighter winds has moved forward again with the latest release from F-ONE.

Strike CWC has finally arrived and its available on KBL store shelfs now! Come and grab a demo for a spin to see what is the lightest wind you can foil in:)

#wingfoiling #kblwingfoiling ##kblkiteboarding

Wing foiling is taking the world by a storm and Australia wing foil scene is definitely not behind! Our store offer all the wing foil equipment that you need to get out there, we also provide wing foil lessons in Sydney (botany bay), would you like to hire wing foil in Sydney, NSW? Let us know and our wind enthusiastic staff will be happy to help you out.

We have stock and demo of most of big wind foil brands in our Sans Souci KBL store ready for you to have some fun:)


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