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Owned by riders

driven by the wind

KBL is a team of watersport enthusiasts.

All our staff can either Kitesurf, wing foil, stand up paddle or just do it all.

Most of us are also certified Kiteboarding and Foiling instructors. We do what we love and we are proud that we can share our passion with others! 

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KBL History

A bit of KBL Kiteboarding history

It all started on January 12th, 2008 when I finished my IKO course in Brisbane/Qld. I immediately started teaching and haven't stopped ever since.

At the time I was doing beach lessons for international students and backpackers predominantly. (Vit)

In 2009 I met up with Neil Joel; an instructor at KP during the time and together we started a new company - KBL Kiteboarding Lessons Pty Ltd.

That same year I was able to purchase my first boat (a red inflatable) and got started with instructing boat lessons and not long after that we moved up to teaching out of jet boats with Neil.

Carol (Neil's wife), was looking after bookings and the company backend, while Neil helped me out with all important company paperwork for local authorities as well as an initial loan to get first proper stock. We had a great time teaching and running the business together for many years. Definitely a lot of unforgettable memories. We used to teach all year round those days btw; no seasons needed.

In 2010 we signed up with Boards & More: North Kiteboarding (today Duotone), Fanatic and Ion. We are still their proud dealers today!

Our business location history:

1) Out of the apartment in Rockdale between 2010-2012

2) Out of the house in Monterey during 2012 - 2016

3) 2016-2020 we were able to open the KBL Warehouse in Caringbah; our first official "storefront"

4) 2020 onwards: We left the warehouse and moved to our KBL Sports retail store in Sans Souci.

Tobi joined our team as an instructor in 2016 and became a new business partner in 2017 as Neil stepped off the business about a year or two earlier.

After all these years, KBL is proud to have a achieved a reputation as one of the best kite schools; with thanks to our skilled & experienced instructors, boat lessons, radio helmets and the latest equipment we use.

After all this time we definitely know every corner of Botany Bay:) We at KBL enjoy the wind & water ourselves so much that we have always been happy that we have the opportunity to share our passion with others and make a living out of it at the same time!

I would like to give a big shout out to all the people that I have/had the pleasure to work with, and all those we’ve met during our kiteboarding journey until today.

Thank you all for your support !

Your KBL Team

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KBL Team

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