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The KBL blog is designed to keep you up to date with the latest weather and events in Sydney and Australia, as well as the latest reviews of products in the KBL Warehouse. We love getting your feedback too, if you've got a review of gear/holiday locations/ect that you would like us to post send us a message to or use the message feature at the bottom of this page!

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Duotone Select

Let's focus on Duotone Select this week. The Select is an ultimate freeride board with the new Spaceflex technology. This not only saves weight but also makes for an incredible smooth ride through choppy water and unrivalled comfort while riding. Replacing the legendary North X-Ride Board, this is for the ambitious rider looking for a combination of performance and comfort. We love the board at our local spots in Sydney as it cuts through the chop effortless. Check this video: You can try this awesome Twintip Board at our KBL beach in Monterey anytime. We also stock it in our KBL Store in Caringbah along with all other Duotone/North Products as well as F-One, ION, Manera and Crazyfly. We are

The new DUOTONE EVO 2019 review by Tom Hebert

We've just got new EVO to KBL shop. If you want to know more about this awesome kite, read the review made by amazing rider Tom Hebert. Hi Tom! What’s your take on the 2019 Duotone EVO? Every year I get my hands on the new EVO I love it, who wouldn’t? We work hard to make improvements and for sure it’s developed into the best version to date. It is a true all-round kite, a benchmark model that has allowed me to develop my style of riding and enjoy every session no matter where I am or the conditions. I always love giving it to people to try, they always have such a good time which makes me stoked. It’s a one-kite-fits-all kind of design. If you want to choose one kite to travel the world wit

How is a kite made

Are you keen to find out the whole process of making a new kite? Tom Court, the Duotone's team rider, will take you in this video through the Duotone factory in Sri Lanka. If you want to get one of these quality kites, don't hesitate to visit KBL Warehouse in Sydney!

Amazing Mikaili Sol and her double heart attack

Mikaili Sol is the first women in history who landed a double heart attack in competition with scoring a perfect 10!!! You can see her amazing performance here. Mikaili is riding the new 2019 Duotone Vegas for her freestyle action as well as a Duotone Team Series Twintip. Paired with the small DT Click Bar that makes for the perfect freestyle combination! Get your Duotone Gear at KBL Warehouse in Sydney!


Have you read the last DUTONE NEO review by Airton Cozoolino? No? Here is the chance to fix it! Hi Airton, why do you ride the Neo? I choose to ride the Neo as it is everything I look for in a kite. From tucking into barrels to pulling the trigger on a mega loop I know it has the potential to meet my demands. It’s powerful, reactive to my steering input and has amazing drift. I always know where it is in the air and it’s always ready for action. I also like that if I feel like trying something new the Neo is there for me. Like in Fuerteventura, I wanted to go as big as possible. I sent the kite and I flew for 20 seconds! What makes it special in the waves? The Neo is super powerful so you ca

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