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The KBL blog is designed to keep you up to date with the latest weather and events in Sydney and Australia, as well as the latest reviews of products in the KBL Warehouse. We love getting your feedback too, if you've got a review of gear/holiday locations/ect that you would like us to post send us a message to or use the message feature at the bottom of this page!

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Wondering what the SLS Hype is all about?

Duotone comes in 2021 with a special line of SLS treatment for many products, which stand for Strong Light Superior This SLS concept incorporates new technologies, building materials and techniques! We, at Kiteboarding Lessons Sydney can't wait to get our hands on these special new products and put them through a thorough testing for you. SLS represents another dimension of innovation, product design and quality. A concept focused on the newest, most innovative materials, Duotone’s SLS products are the pinnacle of visionary constructed solutions and performance driven engineering in kiteboarding. The new SLS products will be rolled out over the next weeks and we will have the Duotone NEO SLS

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