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The Wind Wing Foiling Revolution

Wing Foiling or Wind Winging is taking over the water sports world by storm.

You might have seen someone holding a wing in his hand and ride a Hydrofoil, SUP, Skateboard Snowboard or even a normal Twintip Board on water or on land.

A new sport that is relatively easy and safe to learn, we at KBL Sports are stoked to be Sydney's Premier School and Shop for this new and upcoming sport.

What is a wind wing?

These are inflatable, extremely versatile tools that let a rider use the wind when they need it, but neutralize the wing in an instant when they don’t. Which makes it a great tool to get out into the waves, ride the wave and then harness the wind power to get back out.

We carry a large range of wind wings from the Leading Brands in this new sport like F-One, Ensis, PPC, Duotone and more. These wings come in different sizes to accommodate different wind speeds and foil set ups. Not sure what to choose? Get in touch with us and we are happy to explain to you all the details of the different wings and sizes.

KBL Sports Sydney now also offers Wing Foil Lessons to make it easier for you to get into this amazing new water sport.

We will utilize our boats for the fastest and safest progress possible and to not have to carry the equipment back upwind.

As mentioned above you can ride almost any Board with a Wind Wing, but the most common one is water based Hydro foiling.

Doable in almost all wind conditions we have wings that are specialized for light wind like the F-One Strike CWC, high performance wings like the Enisis V3 Score for stronger winds and racing or more all around wind wings like the Duotone Slick.

A new Sport accessible to almost everyone, you should give it a try and we are stoked on this addition to our Kiteboarding and SUP Business.

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