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The rise of wingfoiling in Sydney

Wingfoiling in botany bay has been growing a lot in recent years. The first wing was actually invented back in 1981 by Jim Drake, who is also considered the creator of windsurfing. Hydrofoils were invented even earlier, with the first patent dating back to 1869. But like many inventions, they were ahead of their time. It took decades before the world was ready for commercial wingfoiling. With the latest advances in the gear, windsports have never been this accessible. The efficiency of hydrofoil boards allows riders to glide over the water with nothing more than a board, a small wing and a bit of wind. It requires a lot less wind than kitesurfing, so it is a great alternative for kitesurfers on lightwind days. Since there is only very little power involved, it is very safe to learn, but just as fun!

Since wingfoilers need a lot less space on the water and are less likely to endanger others, there are a lot more areas in which they are permitted to surf. Some people take their foil in the flat water in botany bay, others even catch some waves.

Shorter boards, such as the Sky Style TE allow for quicker turns and a more playful ride, while longer boards convince with stability. The Sky Surf TE has a pointier nose, which makes breaking through waves a breeze when getting back out in the lineup. If you don't have much space in your car, the inflatable Sky Air Premium might be the board for you. When deflated, it fits in a backpack that even fits your board, foil, wing and a pump. This allows for wingfoiling in even the most remote beaches.

For wings, new materials, like the SLS material from Duotone, or the Compact Wing Concept (CWC) from F-One, have given riders the ability to go out in the lightest winds ever. The SLS material on the Duotone Slick SLS gives the wing an impressive stiffness and makes it lightweight. The Strike CWC wing uses two additional struts to achieve a larger surface area, giving the rider more power.

As you can probably tell, we could talk about gear for ages! We test all the gear ourselves and are always happy to share our experiences, so feel free to drop by our shop for a chat anytime!

In case you want to give wingfoiling a try, give us a call! We have the latest gear from top-brands like Fanatic, Aztron, Duotone and WaveChaser. We even offer lessons, so if you still need a present for Christmas, a gift card from our shop and school might be exactly what you need!

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