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The new Duotone UNIT Wings

Duotone has released its new range of Unit Wings, including the new Unit D/Lab and the normal construction Unit.

We have them both available in our KBLSports Webshop and of course in our shop in Sydney, Sans Souci as well.

The difference between the two Wings is the material used for the Leading Edge and the Strut.

The Unit D/Lab comes with the new Aluula material, a very lightweight and stiff material, resulting in a weight reduction of about 300 gramm with the 5.0m Unit D/Lab compared to the normal construction which is made out of standard Dacron material.

The leading edge of both wings is more segmented resulting in increased canopy tension, especially in the front part of the wing, while the trailing end has a bit more flexibility. This leads to plenty of positive lift, helping in your maneuvers like tacks and the drifting ability while riding a wave.

If we compare it to its previous version the new Unit has a redesigned center strut and handles. A small bend in the center strut allows for ergonomically positioned rigid handles that feel like they are in the right place at all times and make it easy to position your hand along or change your hands while maneuvering.

KBL Duotone Unit Wing Dlab

They are sitting in the right place to power your wing and seem to be at the correct pressure/power points of the wing. A very precise way of controlling your wing and with the rigid handles you will have better control and input with your wrists. One of the major upgrades compared to the previous version of the Unit.

On the water the wing feels very well balanced and intuitive. It has an incredibly easy handling, nothing needs to be forced, and the wing is always sitting naturally in the right spot.

Riding a wave and having the Unit flagged out behind you, it has plenty of positive lift. The trailing edge is not sinking down and it stays balanced side to side. If it starts tipping to one side you have enough control on the front handle (which could be slightly wider for easier handling) to get it back into position.

The Unit D/Lab is unreal on a wave, weightless, you forget that you have it with you.

Compared to the compact Duotone Slick the Unit has a little wider wing span and a bit deeper profile resulting in more power and better stability when the wing is drifting. Clearly it’s more a freeride/wave wing, while the Slick is more a freestyle wing.

The new Unit is a massive upgrade compared to the last model, and looks like a fantastic all round freeride and wave wing. The Duotone Slick has the upper hand in the freestyle segment but for anything else the Unit is the wing to go.


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