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New KBL Wing Foil School at Kurnell!

Exciting News: New Wing Foil School Now Open in Kurnell, NSW! We offer professional wing foil, tow foil, pump & downwind foil lessons and coaching. All our instructors are accredited professionals. We exclusively use the latest equipment, including Bluetooth radio helmets for communication between students and instructors. No prior experience is necessary for beginner wing SUP lessons or foil towing. Once you become proficient with the foil and wing, we'll take you out on a jet ski, where you'll combine these two skills. Join the fastest-growing watersport – it's a modern evolution of windsurfing known as wing foiling. It doesn't require much wind, as the board hovers above the water on the foil attached to your board. Come have some fun and learn this exciting new sport with us in Sydney!

We've joined forces with Ontrack Foiling!


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