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Looking to get into Wing Foiling at an affordable price?

Wing Foiling has taken the watersports world by storm the last two years and all major Kiteboarding, Windsurfing and Hydrofoiling Brands like Duotone, Fanatic, Naish and F-One have joined the revolution.

New brands like PPC, Ensis and Unifoil have entered the market and are all creating incredible high performance wind wing and foiling gear which is available in our KBLsports store in Sydney and of course from our online shop Australia wide.

Now we have added a new addition to our shop to cater for the more money conscious customer. If you don’t see yourself out on the water winging on a daily basis these Aztron products might be for you as well, as you don’t need the highest performing equipment.

Above mentioned Wind Wing Equipment is the best you can buy and while it suits a lot of people who are fully committed to this new sport and want to have the best performing equipment available we see a growing number of customers who are looking for a more affordable entry into this incredible sport.

We have added Aztron Foiling products to our shop that we exclusively import and sell in Sydney and Australia.

Well built and designed with the beginner to intermediate wing foiler in mind, they deliver great all round performance and ease of use to get into wind winging.

The Aztron Falcon X is a carbon / bamboo construction board that comes in size 5 '10 and 110l volume and a wide outline which gives the average rider plenty of volume to learn on while still being compact enough to keep you happy for a long time. (with further progress into the sport, think jumps and more advanced maneuvers, we then have you covered with more high performance boards like the Fanatic Sky Wing boards).

The double concave bottom offers easy take off and when touching down the board won’t stick to the water.

The Aztron Rocket Foil Combos are Wind Wing specific Hydrofoils aimed at the beginner to intermediate rider. Carbon prepreg Wingsets and sturdy aluminum mast and fuselage make for a solid and strong set up and the Rockets Combo Wings come in different sizes for any rider ability or wind conditions.

We have 2000, 1800 and 1650 Foils available to suit a wide range of riders and styles.

Testing all the gear ourselves we are impressed with the quality and ease of use. The Falcon X Board offers an easy and early take-off due to it’s concave shaped bottom while providing maneuverability.

The 1650 Front Wing is a low aspect wing and therefore offers plenty of lift at slow speeds. It is a very forgiving and stable foil and would suit anyone looking to get into the sport of Wing Foiling. Combined with the inflatable Falcon Air X with 135l volume it provides a stable and easy platform for learning to get up and flying the foil.

The higher aspect Rocket 1800 H wing offers a faster wing for more advanced riders (while still absolutely manageable for anyone learning) with a much better pumping ability due to its higher aspect ratio.

The Rocket 2000 Front Wing is the solution for heavier riders or these low wind days. It’s very similar to the 1800 Wing with the same wing span but a bit deeper profile.

Overall the Aztron Rocket Combos are a solid choice for anyone looking to get into wing foiling at an affordable price. Tested and rated by KBLSports Kite / Wing / Foil / SUP Shop in Sydney.

Check out our Packages for an affordable entry into this amazing sport!

Watch our in-depth review here:


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