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Designed with cutting-edge technology and a game-changing concept, the STRIKE V3 stands out as the ultimate high-performance wing. Whether you're into freeride, freestyle, surfing, or freeflying, this state-of-the-art wing excels in all aspects. The STRIKE V3 ensures top-tier performance, along with unmatched comfort, stability, power, precision, durability, and exceptional upwind capability, regardless of wind conditions.



• Revolutionary design for unprecedented performance. 

• New HITEX and TECHNOFORCE for increased durability.

• Perfect control of the profile and deformations to guarantee comfort throughout the entire wind range. 

• Improved power delivery and planing. 

• Impressive upwind performances. 

• Legendary lightness and stability in freefly. 

• Perfectly balanced center of traction for an intuitive ride. 


For the third edition of our iconic STRIKE, our R&D team has made significant improvements in three key areas: materials, their placement, and design, resulting in enhanced performance and durability.



The inflatable structure of the STRIKE V3 incorporates HITEX 158g and 178g, a high tenacity polyester exclusive to F-ONE. This material offers exceptional resistance to elongation, ensuring greater durability and performance. The central strut, thanks to HITEX 158g and its independent valve, provides superior pressure control, while longitudinal reinforcements maintain shape and strength. The leading edge segments feature a combination of HITEX 178g and 158g to account for different tensions, high pressures, and weight distribution.


A thin leading edge diameter at the wingtips brings agility, comfort, and glide, reducing weight and inertia. A thicker TECHNOFORCE™/D2 in 66g is used for the trailing edge, where tensions are higher, while the rest of the wing’s canopy employs TECHNOFORCE™/D2 in 52g.


Wing Design:

The STRIKE V3 boasts a completely new design, meticulously engineered to align the wing's shape with tensions and new materials. Precisely laid panels carry specific loads, with horizontal panels at the front separated by vertical seams from innovative radial center panels, designed to follow load trajectories accurately. A vertical panel in 66g controls the trailing edge, and small radial cuts on the wingtips and back of the strut help distribute tensions. Aligning the fibers along load paths provides an unprecedented level of stretch control.


The precise load management extends the STRIKE's wind range at both high and low ends, offering a greater range of perfect wind strengths. Staggered seams ensure a smooth and efficient profile, maintaining the wing's shape under load and delivering ideal profile control, especially in the high end.


Trailing edge tensions and radial cuts bring enhanced performance and control. An innovative Load Diffuser, composed of overlapping panels of hard Mylar and Dacron, contributes to maintaining a sleek and efficient profile, ensuring stability, performance, and longevity. Every reinforcement on the wing has been reevaluated for durability and weight savings.


With unmatched stability, a flatter dihedral angle and a larger projected area are possible, further improving power and pumping capabilities for planing starts. A more compact outline with less span makes the STRIKE V3 easier to pump and ride, with the center of traction positioned perfectly for balanced arm control.



To optimize rider control, the handles have been made more rigid, while still retaining the original lightweight construction. Grippy, ergonomic, and comfortable handles offer flexibility, keeping your wrist aligned with your arm and facilitating sheeting in for a more natural position.


Performance and Control:

The STRIKE V3 excels in aerodynamics, offering precise profile control and deformations, ensuring unforgettable sessions. It maintains the STRIKE's lightweight and freefly stability, making it ideal for long surfs or downwinds. Planing and pumping power are enhanced, and upwind abilities are impressive, with consistent traction throughout the wind range. The STRIKE V3 excels in performance, stability, and comfort for gliding and speed.


For freestyle and jumping, the height and lift are remarkable, making landings easier. The STRIKE V3 is a substantial improvement over the V2, offering a new level of performance. It's suitable for both advanced riders and those new to wing foiling.


The STRIKE V3 sets a new standard and is ahead of the game once again. Be among the first to experience the third edition.


AU$1,529.00 Regular Price
AU$1,146.75Sale Price
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