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Revolutionize your light wind experience with our patented light wind wing. Lightweight, user-friendly, and compact, this wing is a game-changer for those low-wind days.



  • Revolutionary compact shape
  • Light wind weapon
  • Unique patented geometry
  • Touch Control
  • Fantastic Maneuverability



F-ONE presents a groundbreaking design with the STRIKE CWC, delivering an unparalleled experience in light wind conditions. The patented Compact Wing Concept (CWC) enhances surface area within the wingspan without compromising on weight and performance.


The addition of two struts to the existing design achieves the most compact shape available in larger sizes. Precise control over strut twist, power, and overall performance was essential throughout this ambitious design process.


These extra struts increase the wing's surface without extending the leading edge's length or diameter. This innovative approach allowed us to fit a 6m² into a 5m² leading edge, paving the way for 7m² and 8m² wings with the same concept. The controlled leading edge length provides increased canopy rigidity, and the trailing edge is finely tuned for added performance.


To address concerns about water contact in larger sizes, we refined the tips' profile to keep them clear of the surface. Their design allows for smooth gliding over water if contact occurs, eliminating disruptions. This enables riders to maintain a natural hand position without raising their arms overhead. The wingtips also facilitate pumping, quickly getting you planing as they avoid the water's surface when your arms bend.

This innovative geometry combines power with ease of use, resulting in a lightweight feel and reduced wingspan. The wing is highly maneuverable and easy to handle on the water. This exceptional compactness ensures a comfortable ride, even with larger wing sizes.


Light wind riding has never been this efficient or enjoyable.


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