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For female kiteboarders, having gear tailored to your smaller frame and weight is crucial for a more enjoyable ride. Enter the new Soleil, a board specifically crafted by women for women. Its narrower outline allows for exciting rail-to-rail carving, and the larger Space Flex windows in the tips guarantee a smooth ride in any conditions. The top deck has been reconfigured, featuring an asymmetrical design that concentrates flex on the heel edge, making it easier to edge and pop. Don't miss out on this perfect fit for female kiteboarders.


For 2024 the Soleil has been added to the Concept Blue range, featuring a more sustainable construction technique that offers plenty of performance. Flax Fibre replaces the traditional glass cloth and offers excellent dampening capabilities for a smooth ride. In addition, Basalt Stringers replace the carbon beam to provide a smooth but engaging ride while being made from natural volcanic rock that is far more sustainable. Ideal for freeride, big air and cruising, the Soleil is the perfect board to help you take your riding to the next level. 


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