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Introducing the revolutionary ENTITY ERGO, setting the new benchmark in hold, ergonomy, safety, and comfort for kiteboarding enthusiasts. Experience a new level of performance and design with this cutting-edge entity that promises to redefine your kiteboarding experience.


The new ergonomic Entity Ergo gives relief to overstressed nerves and prevents fatigue and pain, your feet will get less tired and you’ll stay on the water longer. The ergonomic Entity Ergo footpads in combination with the adjustable heel pads help to reduce pressure on the heel and even avoid shocks on the entire body, helping alleviate long-term foot, back and knee pain. An additional nice little gimmick is the possibility to stick the screws of the pad on the bottom of the pad, so you don’t lose them whilst travelling! Slide into your new slippers!

2024 DUOTONE Entity Ergo Pads

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