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DUOTONE's flagship control system offers the ultimate way to trim your kite without moving your hand from the bar itself. Years ago, it revolutionized the kite industry and has now been upgraded to be even better with the newest Iron Heart VI click-in safety system and Flite99 lines. This advanced system is available in MEDIUM with a 49cm bar and 22m lines with 2m extensions or in SMALLwith a 42cm wide bar with 20m lines and 2m extensions. Elevate your kite control experience with DUOTONE's cutting-edge technology.


The Click Bar, a true game-changer since its debut, has undergone continuous refinement, establishing itself as the industry benchmark in kite control systems. In 2024, the Iron Heart VI makes a triumphant return, now featuring the Click-In Safety System. This innovation allows for a straightforward connection by simply pushing the chicken loop into the Iron Heart VI—an especially convenient feature for riders using a rope slider bar or when reconnecting, particularly in water scenarios.


The removable floater enhances accessibility for inspecting the bar's leader lines, providing a comprehensive view. The redesigned pigtails strategically reduce sleeving only where necessary, effectively cutting down weight and minimizing drag in a key connection point to the kite. The FLITE99 lines from Robline further optimize performance by reducing air drag and offering a more direct steering response.


The V Distributor III ensures easy adjustment, allowing riders to swiftly set the front-line split. Additionally, it can be effortlessly removed, providing the option for a very low V and ensuring compatibility with a wide range of kites in the market. The Click Bar is equipped with a Suicide Ring leash connection system, offering the flexibility to ride in full safety mode or configure for unhitched riding with ease. For kite schools, there is also a Click Bar available in Medium with 12m + 12m extensions, offering the ideal setup for introductory training. Elevate your kite control experience with the Click Bar—setting new standards in safety, convenience, and versatility.


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