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DUOTONE GT Carbon Wing Set


If you've got the need for speed, the GT Carbon wing set is where it's at.  The GT is a highly efficient design, featuring a very fine profile optimised to reduce any drag or inefficiency through the water while still maintaining stability.  This ensures not only the best results in terms of gaining high speed, but also an efficient ride that will allow you to kite in exceptionally light wind with minimal power required.  Provided you have the skill to handle it of course!

The GT carbon may be a high efficiency wing built for speed, but it doesn't compromise on it's stability and control to achieve this, after all there's not a lot of point going fast if you can't maintain control!  Light weight and agile through the turns, the carbon layup of the GT wing is stiff and responsive and glides effortlessly through the water.


Available in two different sizes, the GT carbon wing comes in a 700, or for those who really like to push their limits (or are just a little smaller & lighter weight) the 565. 


Duotone foils are sold in a 2 part kit, the wing set including the wings themselves along with the covers, to be paired with a Spirit Mast & Fuselage kit available in multiple sizes allowing you to pick a setup that suits your riding style and skill level.  The go to for most kite foilers is the 75cm mast, but if you're really into your high speed foiling you might want to go with the 90cm.

Wing Set includes front & rear wing.


More info:

2022 Duotone GT Carbon Foil Wingset

AU$949.00 Regular Price
AU$759.20Sale Price
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