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Item No. 48212-4428



Seek Core wetsuits offer premium performance for an affordable price.


The single-lined back panel allows freedom of movement where needed, whilst Hot_Stuff 2.0 provides warmth and quick drying. In spots without thermal lining, super soft Silk_Stuff increases next-to-skin comfort to the max. Highly durable nylon in the leg and torso area make the Seek Core a very robust companion for your adventures.
Seek Core Backzip models feature additional protection pads at the shins as well as detachable leg loops to prevent water from rushing into the suit.



Warm Hot_Stuff 2.0 ensures no limitation in stretch and keeps you warm at the same time.

Stretch A smart use of fabrics will make sure this suit will give you good times on the water

Seam Sealing Improved version of highly elastic neoprene tape securing every inch of lower body seams and highly stressed cuff area.

Protection Crash_Pads at shins.



17°C - 23°C 63°F - 73°F


More info:

2021 ION - Wetsuit BS - Seek Core Overknee 3/2 BZ DL

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