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After a small break we are finally back with our next KBL Coaching Series.
We have listened to your feedback after the last clinics and changed the format for you.

The first Clinic of 2020 will be a full day experience and focus on ADVANCED FREERIDE and cover a variety of topics.

We start the day with some key knowledge every kiteboarder should have, then breaking down each trick step by step with a clear progression pathway, and plenty of practice as soon as the wind is up.

Tricks MENU to choose from:

Backroll & Backroll Transition
Backroll to Toeside
Frontroll & Frontroll Transition
Hop to Blind & Riding Blind
Various Grabs
Introduction to Downloops and Kiteloops without Jump

What can I expect:
Coaching from IKO Certified Coach and Instructor Level 3.
A detailed lesson plan for each trick for you to keep. Demonstration, practice runs, corrections, and a individualised video analysis a few days after the clinic.

What to bring:
All your gear including Impact Vest and Helmets.

Be a safer Kiter - be a better Kiter

KBL - Ride with us

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7/8th March 11am-7pm


KBL Beach: Map Click Here


Coaching Series #3:

Advanced Freeride

How much: $199

Spots are limited for this one (max 8 people), so get in early!

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