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We are proud to be F-One kiteboarding / Foil / Wing dealer in Sydney/NSW

F-One is one of the most reputable Kiteboarding / wing foiling / stand up paddle boarding brands in the world. KBL is proud to represent the brand in Sydney/NSW.

Visit our KBL store if you would like to see / demo or purchase any of the wide range F-One Products we stock. That includes the F-One Strike Wing, Bandit Kite and all Foil Boards and Wings.

The new F-One Strike Wing is one of the most popular foil wings these days and the Fone Bandit doesn't need any introduction anymore... such a great kite for all the conditions that has built its reputation after all those years. Your go to Kite for all different conditions, now coming as a specific wave Kite in smaller sizes as well, the Bandit S. Fine tuned for an even better experience while wave riding it's your ultimate Kite in wave riding.

Be number one with F-One:)

KBL Kiteboarding

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