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The best sunglasses for Kiteboarding, Wing Foiling and Stand up Paddling

Finding quality sunglasses for watersports can be a tricky one.

Fogging up, blurred lenses, uncomfortable fit are only a few issues we found using an array of different shades.

Then we tried the Lip Sunglasses and were sold from the first try.

The Typhoon is Lips main model for watersports and highly recommended by us for Kitesurfing and Wing Foiling

Their shape is designed to be as close to your eyes and shelter them as much as possible from Sun, Water, Salt, Wind and Sand. They have TPU rubber all along the frame so no uncomfortable feeling while wearing them for a prolonged time or crashing hard. It’s absorbing any impact from a crash that might hurt you.

They also have a ventilation system inbuilt to keep the air circulating to avoid fogging up and that works really well.

All Typhoon models come with a retainer system, which consists of a removable safety leash that goes around your head and is adjustable with a snap lock. It has an additional rubber band that can be clipped into the safety leash and goes around your neck.

Even in the unlikely case that the glasses come off your head, they are still secured with the rubber band. 100% safe, you can’t lose them.

Most importantly, how did they perform on the water?

We have been amazed by the clarity these glasses have. Making out chop and rough conditions is so much easier.

The polarization takes away all the glare you would usually have reflecting from the water, even with the sun at a low angle.

It’s a whole new feeling how clear and detailed you are able to see everything on the water that is normally taken away by reflection, glares and irritated eyes.

I haven’t had a session without these Typhoon glasses since I have them, even if the sun is not out.

All Lip Typhoon Sunglasses come with highest quality Zeiss lenses, and have several coatings. Most notably the water drops would just drip off the lens and we always had clear views thanks to its hydrophobic coating.

The peripheral vision is great as well and generally I can say I’m not going on the water anymore without my Typhoons.

While I used to get red, irritated eyes after a long session without glasses, now my eyes look as good as new when I come out of the water, and they feel great as well.

The Lip Typhoon Kitesurfing shades come in plenty of different color options and with different colored lenses as well.

Find yours in our KBLSports Webshop or come in to see us to try them out.


Medium / Large fit

8-Base curvature lenses

ZEISS Polarized polycarbonate or nylon lenses / Polyurethane photochromic lenses by NXT

Hydrophobic and Oleophobic coatings

Anti-scratch hard coating

Anti-fog coating (where indicated)

Base Lens colors: Smoke / Brown / Violet

Mirror Coating options: Methane / Bronze / Gun Blue / Pacific Blue / Rose Gold

VLT rates from 9.95% to 15.6% (20-67% for photochromic)

Stainless Steel hinge screws


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