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The new 2020 Duotone Evo

One of our favourite Kite of last season, the Evo is finally back in it's latest iteration and it got even better.

We took the new Duotone Evo for a few rides now and we can say we are stoked how it turned out.

There are no more pulleys and the result is a more direct feel what the Kite is doing and where it is.

The feedback from the Kite is phenomenal and it feels like it's always where it should be.

Kite Loops are loads of fun, albeit the Duotone Dice might be even a bit smoother through the loop.

Hangtime is incredible with the 2020 Evo and it certainly rivals the Rebel, King of Hangtime!

Overall a even better version of this all-around Kite, and it really does it all.

Get your's here at our KBL Warehouse, with free shipping Australia Wide.

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