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The new DUOTONE EVO 2019 review by Tom Hebert

We've just got new EVO to KBL shop. If you want to know more about this awesome kite, read the review made by amazing rider Tom Hebert.

Hi Tom! What’s your take on the 2019 Duotone EVO?

Every year I get my hands on the new EVO I love it, who wouldn’t? We work hard to make improvements and for sure it’s developed into the best version to date. It is a true all-round kite, a benchmark model that has allowed me to develop my style of riding and enjoy every session no matter where I am or the conditions. I always love giving it to people to try, they always have such a good time which makes me stoked. It’s a one-kite-fits-all kind of design. If you want to choose one kite to travel the world with, the new Duotone EVO is the one for you.

Why do you choose to ride the new EVO?

The EVO is so versatile. No matter where I go in the world, the I only kite I need to take is the EVO. It’s so good in all conditions and performs well across all disciplines. The EVO is the best all-round kite in the Duotone range and gives me the freedom to switch it up between boards offs, freestyle and wave riding; it’s everything I need.

Last year we reduced the number of struts which was the missing piece of the puzzle for what is now the greatest freeride formula. How has the EVO been improved for 2019?

Last year’s reduction of struts was a really good move because we were able to save on the weight of the kite which mean it flew much better in lighter winds. This year we made some slight improvements here and there, but it’s the same DNA as always and the still best all-round kite. It’s really important that people understand that the EVO is the one kite that can truly do it all.

This year there are different aspect rations on the smaller sizes. Why is that and what are the benefits?

Yes! It’s really cool now. Every size of kite has a different aspect ratio. We didn’t take a particular size and scale it up or down, this would never work. We looked at every size and made sure that they all had the same handling and performance.

For example, a big kite still needs to be as fast as a smaller sizes and the smaller sizes needed to be a bit slower in order for the rider to enjoy the true EVO feel; we achieved this using the aspect ratio. In addition, the improvements implemented into the smaller sizes creates a higher structural stiffness making them even more reliable in very strong winds and gusty conditions. There’s no doubt that this year the EVO line is incredible.

What are the EVO’s standout performance features?

As I mentioned before, the EVO covers all aspects of kiteboarding in an awesome way. This year especially, the EVO has good lift and jumps really high, perfect for my style of riding. It also has even better hang time in comparison to last year, which has allowed me to really push my riding in old school freestyle.

Which bar do you like to ride the EVO on?

Most of the time I use the Trust Bar, because I like the Stopper Ball. A lot of my tricks mean I have to let go of the bar and the Trust Bar works very well for this. I also ride the Click Bar. I really like its simplicity and the design is just so clean.

Generally I ride 24m lines or more, depending on the conditions. Longer lines allow me to get more hangtime and have a little less kick when you start your jump.

Can you tell us about the variety of settings and how you use them?

There are many options on the tips for you to play with, but I don’t really use the settings that much. I’ve always liked to ride the EVO on the Hard setting so I can feel the kite at all times. I ride a 4-line setup, it’s just so easy, with long lines and pump the kite hard so it’s very stiff.

So why don't you try this awesome wave kite on KBL beach? Or if you are looking for the new one, don't hesitate to come to KBL store in Caringbah. We are open every day 10 am - 5 pm.

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