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Duotone DICE 2019 - review

With DICE 2019 Duotone decided to enhance the kites performance further. Duotone focused their attention to the the structural rigidity with the main goal - bigger boosting for the rider looking for high jumps.

DICE is still a 3-strut kite with multiple tuning options on the wing tips. Thank to that is DICE a more freestyle or wave oriented kite. With the same factories and techniques Duotone delivered even higher quality than last year.

DICE is incredibly stable and easy to fly with impressive result. DICE gives you long hang time and impressively huge jumps. It has very intuitive steering which makes this kite very easy to handle, no matter what your level is. Thanks to wider tips DICE offer excellent control and turning speed.

DICE also has awesome upwind and even better relaunching. Thanks to the dynamic handling is DICE great in the waves.

Compare to last year is Dice more stable in high winds, with impressive hang time. Dice is best companion for freestyle, freeride and also for wave riding. Come to try this awesome kite at KBL beach or check out our other stuff in KBL warehouse in Sydney.
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