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KBL & Duotone Demo Day

Duotone KBL Kites Boards

What a great day it was on our KBL Beach. The sky cleared up for us and wind was blowing with gusts up to 30 Knots. Perfect conditions for some proper Kitesurfing and testing and enjoying all the new Duotone Kites.

We were lucky to test the Duotone Evo as on of the first in Australia and it delivered. A great Kite, that feels easy to fly, very precise and overall just pleasant and we are looking forward to have it available at KBL Warehouse very soon.

Duotone Rebel Kite for Kitesurfing

The all time classic Duotone Rebel feels different this year but even greater. Plenty of hangtime as we know it but much faster! It even loops now! You should definitely give it a try ;)

Duotone Jamie Board for Kitesurfing

The new setup of Duotone Boards (we have plenty in stock in our KBL shop) delivers great performance in a variety of conditions. If you are not sure which Twintip is the right one for you, drop by our Warehouse and we help you out!

All Duotone Kites and Boards are available from our shop anytime to demo for you, just let us know!

Thank you to all the riders that came over and had a fun day with us!

Stay tuned for our next Demoday to come...

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