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Trade-in, Trade-up

KBL are on the hunt for second hand gear! We are especially looking for Kitesurf Twintips suitable for Beginners/Intermediate riders.

If you are looking to upgrade your gear and would rather trade your old kit in and save the hassle of trying to sell it, come to us and we'll let you know the value of your old gear towards new equipment. We are fully stocked and have something for everyone. We're also happy taking in any gear of any age, such as surf boards, paddle boards, kites, bar&lines, twin tips ect...

The store is open 7 days, but if you can't make it in during our opening hours send us an email with what you have (with pictures if possible) and what you are after, we can give you a rough estimate via email.

Out with the old, in with the new. Get ready for Summer 2017/2018!!

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