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KBL - fun, safe and fast progress!

Our guidelines for the last 12 years with thousands of happy students!


Highlights of our Lessons: We are Sydney’s only Kiteschool using Boats to teach you, and there is a reason for that - safety and faster progress!

We take you out on the bay away from other beach users and Kiters. The use of BBTalking Radio Helmets enables us to stay in touch with you while you are out on the water for direct and efficient instruction and we are always close behind you with the boat. Focus all your energy on your progression instead of walking on the beach and body dragging after your board. Accelerate your progression!

We also offer Beginner, Refresher, and Advanced lessons!

Coaching Series: No matter how fast or slow we progressed in our kitesurfing, at some point we will eventually slow down. We get to a point where we are not progressing as fast as we used to and this is exactly the moment where we plateau. That is where Coaching comes into play.

Accelerate your progress with a tailored plan for yourself or refresh your knowledge on different topics with our ongoing Coaching Series. No matter your level, check it out below.

Foiling Series: We developed a dedicated 3 Part Foiling Program to make the entry into this awesome new element of our sport as easy and affordable as it gets for you. 

KBL - Ride with us!

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