Millions of boomerangs sold every year - the quality and performance has made the „Boomas“ the world‘s largest sports boomerang brand. The world famous Wicked Booma range features an advanced tri-blade design, ensuring a stable and accurate return flight when thrown as instructed. Wicked Boomas are incredibly easy to throw and catch and come with full throwing instructions on the packaging.


- Tri-Blade Design - 15-20 metre flight range
- Accurate return flights when thrown as instructed
- Whistles loudly in flight
- Size: 27.5 x 30.5 cm - Weight: 75 g
- Material: „Memorang“ polymer
- Incl. full throwing instructions
- 3 vibrant colours available
- Age: 8+


Item #361026

Wicked Boomerang: Sonic Booma

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