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WAVECHASER 305 RV-S2: Carbon Longboard Surf SUP

10’ Reverse ‘V’ Performance Longboard SUP Surf

Wave Chaser 305 RV Series boards are designed specifically for high performance longboard SUP riding. The narrow nose and width help to reduce swing weight and enhance wave entry, pocket hold and trim. The slight convex nose helps to separate the water on take-off, enabling a smoother, more confident, drop, particularly on steeper / larger waves above head height.

Thickness and rail shape have been tuned for high performance, with pinched "60/40" rails providing more drive and agility in quality waves. The evenly balanced rocker accentuates a unique reverse V double concave, improving hydrodynamic performance for speed and faster rail to rail transitions. These boards are designed to maneuver with agility from a mid to rear surfing position, without having to stand right on the tail.

Wave Chaser 305 RV-R2 features a rounded pin tail for a touch more drive, pocket hold and trajectory out of turns. Suitable for intermediate to advanced riders up to 120kg.


Includes Fitted - Travel Quality - Board Cover!


16kg/m EPS Core + Carbon Stringer
3mm PP Deck Pad
3k Pre-Preg Carbon + 4oz S Glass
Airbrush Acrylic Paint (Arctic White with Faded Green Tail) 2mm Diamond Texture Grip

Parts: (All Black)
Futures Tri/Quad Fin Boxes L
edge Grip SUP Handle
Gore-Tex Air Vent

Fin Options


WAVECHASER 305 RV-S2 (10') CARBON LONGBOARD SURF SUP (pick up only in Caringbah)

AU$1,441.95 Regular Price
AU$699.00Sale Price
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