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Thinking about getting into Kite Foiling or upgrading your gear?


We have taken the guess work out of it for you and created some packages to suit any riders style.

No more looking for all the seperate parts that you need, simplify your purchase with our customazible package and hit the water right away.


We have different packages availible and you will safe $$$ when buying in a package. 


Any questions regarding your set up? Call us anytime to discuss


Package Includes:

  1. Crazy Fly Chill Board ( 115cm or 130cm)
  2.  Naish Foil Complete High-Performance Freeride (650 or 810)
  3. Crazy Fly 3x Foil Straps .



1) Crazy Fly Chill Board


Sizes: 115x44 or 130x46 cm

Allround foiling fun.

Chill is an easy to ride low volume allround foil board suitable for beginners and intermediate riders. With its compact size, high nose, and speed rocker, it provides good surface area for early planning and will get you up on the foil in no time. Concave deck provides easy handling of the board while the full deck footpad comes in handy for traction and safety during wipeouts.


The Chill has a brand new layup featuring triaxial 45 Eglass for increased strenght and central carbon fiber stringers to increase the dynamics of transferring energy into the foil. Packed with all great features, who needs more to go foiling and Chill.



2) Naish High Performance Freeride Foil

(Click on Options below for more details)


Option 1: Naish 650 Complete Foil


Option 2: Naish 810 Complete Foil


Kite Foil Package Naish - Crazyfly Chill

AU$2,808.00 Regular Price
AU$2,527.20Sale Price
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