GRILAMID TR 90 – Grilamid TR 90 is an exceedingly light and durable plastic that will maintain its shape under all temperature changes which makes it fit perfectly for action sports. Your eyewear benefits from the following attributes: resilient, tough, highly flexible, shatter-resistant, clime consistent, ecological compliant, no softeners, anti-allergic and comparatively lightweight. The frame of the polarized models are made of TR 90 bio based which is based on renewable materials

PC LENS & WATER REPELLENT -High scratch and break resistance, solid lens thickness (1.8 – 2 mm), polarisation filter

PROTECTION INDEX -Category 3 strong sunlight – allows a luminous transmittance of 8%–18%. The highest shading allowed for conventional use – optimal for the active usage at the beach and sea. Let in only the “right” light.

BASE 8 CURVE -Base 8 structures are best for functional sports frames. Wrap around shape for a maximum of protection for your eyes.

SAFETY LEASH -Connect your sunglasses to your ION wetsuit or rashguard and they will never get lost -Reduces risk of losing your sunglasses

FLOATER TUBE -Keeps your sunglasses floating on the water.Attachable to safety leash

SUNGLASS BAG -Optional sunglass bag for protection and cleanin

LENSES – APPROVED QUALITY -Conform with the highest technical standards of CE, ANSI, AS

ELASTIC HEADBAND -Keeps your Sunnies in place, Reduces risk of loosing your sunglasses

HARD CASE -Solid Protection against impacts and scratches to keep your ION sunglasses nice and shiny


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