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The SEVEN SEAS foil is your gateway to the exhilarating world of downwind riding, offering unparalleled glide sensations and ease of use.


  • Aspect Ratio: 7.5


  • Fantastic glide, upwind, and speed abilities


  • Makes downwind foiling accessible


  • Thin profile and optimized design for minimal drag


The SEVEN SEAS foil boasts a high aspect ratio and thin profile, delivering exceptional downwind capabilities and an unparalleled glide experience. Equipped with wingtip fences on the front wing to reduce induced drag, this foil enhances overall performance and maneuverability.


Once you reach cruising speed, the SEVEN SEAS provides effortless lift, allowing you to maintain your glide for an extended period. Reliable and consistent pumping, even at low speeds, enables you to seamlessly connect waves and catch upcoming bumps. Positioned as an intermediary between the EAGLE HM CARBON and PHANTOM CARBON ranges, the SEVEN SEAS is the perfect foil for those seeking an enhanced downwind experience.


Constructed with the Monobloc structure using pre-preg carbon, these foils strike a balance between lightweight design and robustness. The TITAN connection accommodates both aluminum and carbon masts, while the split fuselage facilitates easy transport.


Choose from the SEVEN SEAS foils available in 1000 cm², 1200 cm², and 1400 cm² to elevate your downwind riding experience, especially if you're already familiar with the PHANTOM foil and are looking to enhance your glide.

F-ONE SEVEN SEAS CARBON Complete Foil (excl.mast)

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