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The F-ONE team is committed to staying ahead of the curve, and their latest creation, the ROCKET WING-S, stands as their most impressive and superior wing foil board to date. This CARBON version is a true weapon for wing foil freestyle and surf, having already claimed the title of world champion on the GWA circuit in surf-freestyle and surf-slalom.


  • Wing foil freestyle and surf weapon
  • Carbon construction adapted to the freestyle tricks constraints
  • Deep concave deck to lower center of gravity for excellent board control
  • Domed front deck to add volume for easy water starts
  • Outline with narrow tail and nose for fantastic maneuverability


As the sport of wing foiling continues to grow, our dedicated R&D team is relentless in their pursuit of offering the finest gear and experiences for enthusiasts. Drawing inspiration from the highly successful ROCKET SURF, they set out to create the ultimate board that would elevate maneuverability, reactivity in surfing, freestyle, and pumping.


Introducing the ROCKET WING-S range. Despite sharing compact lengths with their ROCKET WING counterparts, these boards are narrower and feature slightly less volume. They come with a recessed cockpit-like deck that positions your center of gravity lower, bringing you closer to the foil. This design delivers exceptional control during flight and a heightened connection to the foil.


Take-offs are smoother than ever, courtesy of the double concave hull and the beveled rail profile extending to the tail. These features facilitate efficient pumping, allowing you to get up and flying quickly. The slightly domed nose adds volume for easy starts, and the surf-style nose shape aids in rapid recovery if the board submerges. The compact shape and outline enhance overall maneuverability and performance.


The ROCKET WING-S CARBON boards are built to handle it all and are perfectly suited for the demands of freestyle tricks. Thanks to the HD Foam Carbon Construction, they offer remarkable durability while maintaining a lightweight feel.


These boards are an excellent choice for intermediate and experienced riders looking to perform massive jumps, experience surf-like sensations in wing foiling, and continuously challenge themselves on the water. They are available in five different sizes, ranging from 4'4 to 5'0, and offer a variety of volumes: 32L, 36L, 42L, 48L, and 54L.


All boards come equipped with a full pad, inserts for three footstraps, and the Twin-Tracks system for foil compatibility.



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