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Tailored for surf-foiling, the Rocket Surf range is meticulously crafted to provide everything you need to optimize your foil experience.


  • Specifically designed for surf-foiling
  • Easy take-off and high performance during flight
  • Twin-tracks setup


Achieving optimal foil performance, the Rocket Surf range is designed with specific features for surf-foiling. The shorter board length ensures enhanced maneuverability and efficient pumping once airborne. Despite the compact size, there's ample volume strategically placed under the chest, facilitating easy paddling and take-off.


The round outline of the board ensures even volume distribution, promoting stability both in the water and in the air. The compact shape and narrow tail contribute to the board's maneuverability, while the distinctive kick-tail and pronounced double concave enable easy release, even if the board makes contact with the water during flight.

To enhance control in the air, a concave deck is incorporated to lower the center of gravity and bring the feet closer to the foil. This design also facilitates smooth take-offs by allowing easy passage of knees and feet.


Constructed with a bamboo sandwich laminate around a lightweight EPS core, the Rockets achieve an excellent resistance-to-weight ratio, ensuring both durability and high-performance riding and pumping.


Thin pads are used to preserve the board's shape, and each board comes with a tail pad. A front pad is included as an accessory, offering customization options based on personal preferences.


Equipped with a US track system, the boards can accommodate any foil with a 4-bolt top plate. This versatility ensures compatibility with a range of foils for a customized and enjoyable surf-foiling experience.


AU$1,666.00 Regular Price
AU$1,249.00Sale Price
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