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Tailored for surf foiling, the ROCKET SURF boasts a compact design that ensures maximum control while riding, taking off, pumping, or carving. The combination of a stiff and light construction makes both the board and foil exceptionally responsive, enabling you to catch waves effortlessly at any moment. This specialized design enhances the overall surf foiling experience, delivering heightened maneuverability and control on the waves.


  • Extremely responsive
  • Complete control with pumping and carving
  • Easy take-off and high-performance during flight
  • Stiff and light construction


The ROCKET SURF is crafted for surf foiling, optimizing a shorter board length for increased maneuverability and efficient pumping while maintaining sufficient volume for wave riding. The strategic placement of maximum volume under the rider's chest facilitates easy paddling and take-off. The well-proportioned outline ensures even volume distribution, enhancing stability both in the water and in the air.


Playful and maneuverable, the ROCKET SURF features a compact shape and narrow tail, complemented by a distinctive kick-tail and pronounced double concave for easy release, even if the board touches the water while flying. The concave deck lowers the center of gravity, bringing the feet closer to the foil, facilitating natural positioning and better board control in the air.


Recent optimizations make the ROCKET SURF more rigid, improving pumping, precision, and control. Adjustments to the outline reduce volume at the nose and tail for enhanced reactivity and handling. The rocker modifications contribute to increased comfort during flight and improved surf and pumping abilities. The Full Bamboo construction and Double Bamboo deck result in a highly resistant, durable, and lightweight shell.


Balanced and maneuverable, the ROCKET SURF excels in all phases of surf foiling. It enables riders to catch waves effortlessly and provides controlled gliding with minimal strokes. Responsive, stable, and easy to take off with, this board ensures incredible control throughout the entire ride.


The ROCKET SURF is available in four sizes, catering to different rider levels and preferences. The 4’2 is ideal for experienced riders, while the 4’6, 5’0, or 5’6 suit beginners, intermediates, or heavier riders.


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