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Boost your wave surfing, elevate jumps and tricks, and execute sharper turns with the PHANTOM S CARBON foils.


  • Aspect Ratio: 6.5
  • Great maneuverability
  • Incredible carving, no matter how tight or wide the turns
  • Ideal for surf and freestyle
  • Speed and glide


Step up your surf foil and wing foil game with the PHANTOM S CARBON range, designed for experienced riders pushing the boundaries. Highly responsive and maneuverable, these foils excel in sharp and wide turns, making them ideal for wing foil freestyle sessions and tackling bigger waves with increased speed.


The PHANTOM S 740, the smallest and lightest in the range, is perfect for elite surf and wing foilers, especially in large waves.


The PHANTOM S 840, optimized for speed and maneuverability, suits talented riders seeking versatility in wing foiling and foil surfing.


The PHANTOM S 940 offers exceptional speed, facilitating radical carves and efficient pumping, making it a powerhouse in wing and wave conditions over 1m.


Crafted with the Monobloc structure using pre-preg carbon, these foils strike the perfect balance between lightweight design and robust strength. The TITAN connection accommodates both aluminum and carbon masts, while the split fuselage enhances transport convenience.


Elevate your riding experience with the PHANTOM S CARBON foils.

F-ONE PHANTOM-S CARBON- Complete Foil (excl.mast)

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