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The PHANTOM FCT line introduces dependable, user-friendly, and well-balanced foils that offer riders ample room for improvement. Tailored to effortlessly glide during pumping or wave connections, these foils also exhibit remarkable agility and precision in surfing and winging disciplines.


  • Aspect Ratio: 6.0


  • Great for surf and freeride


  • Quick and easy planing


  • Pumping machine


  • Nimble and maneuverable


The PHANTOM FCT foil excels in connecting waves during wing foiling, surfing, or downwinding, offering a delightful and fun experience. Its carving abilities are finely tuned through adjustments in lift distribution, arch shape, and other details.


The PHANTOM FCT comes in three sizes:


  • PHANTOM FCT 1280: Incredibly efficient in waves greater than 1m, it provides a versatile program with more power for better carving and speed. Suitable for lighter riders (< 70 kg).


  • PHANTOM FCT 1480: Combining efficiency and accessibility, this foil glides endlessly with incredible maneuverability and stability. It's ultra-versatile and suitable for various water activities.


  • PHANTOM FCT 1680: The newest size, ideal for low-wind conditions or larger riders. This large and stable front wing remains highly maneuverable, providing extra power and performance in light wind.


Built with Foil Compression Technology (FCT), these foils offer impressive mechanical properties, easy setup and disassembly, and compatibility with the standard F-ONE aluminum mast. The PHANTOM FCT series ensures an accessible and scalable foil setup while retaining the carbon counterpart's DNA.

F-ONE PHANTOM FCT Complete Foil (excl.mast)

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