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Experience thrilling speed, unmatched downwind sensations, and endless cruising with the high-performance EAGLE HM CARBON foils. Elevate your foiling game with this meticulously designed range.


  • Remarkable speed and downwind performances


  • Unrivaled time above the water


  • Thin and optimized design for minimal drag


Available in 690cm² / 790 cm² / 890 cm² / 990 cm² / 1090 cm² / 1290cm²  


The EAGLE HM CARBON foil is perfect for those seeking incredible speed and exceptional downwind capabilities. With its thin profile and upturned winglets, it minimizes induced drag, ensuring efficiency and extended cruising time at various speeds without abrupt stalls. Its upwind performance is noteworthy, providing comfort, stability, and consistent speed during wing foiling rides. Effective and precise pumping, along with easy maneuverability in any conditions, further enhances its versatility.


Constructed with the Monobloc structure using pre-preg carbon, the foils are both lightweight and robust. This design ensures improved load transmission, stiffness, and control. The High Modulus Carbon fiber layup enhances rigidity and reliability for outstanding performance. The TITAN connection allows compatibility with both aluminum and carbon masts.


The EAGLE HM CARBON foils are available in six sizes: 690 cm², 790 cm², 890 cm², 990 cm², 1090 cm², and 1290 cm². The range caters to different riding preferences, from strong wing sessions and long downwinds to varied conditions and rider sizes, making it an excellent choice for a diverse range of experienced foilers.

F-ONE EAGLE HM CARBON Complete Foil (excl.mast)

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