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The Sky Style earns top marks for ambitious wingers aiming to go beyond leisurely cruising. Renowned among those ready to push the limits, our R&D team has improved the Sky Style lineup, and we now offer the two larger 4'11" and 5'1" shapes in our advanced Vacuum Sandwich technology.


With a higher rocker in comparison to the Sky Free, the reactions of the Sky Style models are highly responsive and intuitive through increased leverage over the pitch of your foil, making them super balanced and fun to ride from lakes to open ocean surf.

The higher nose adds extra room to load up for jumps and with its added volume, it recovers easily - also when landing jumps nose first. The recessed deck of the Sky Style makes starts and sinking the board incredibly balanced even when used in volume below the riders’ body weight.


The new rail bevels on the Sky Style shapes add higher clearance during tight turns on the wave face and improve the ability to pump these boards out of the water with an easier release. More parallel bottom contours throughout the mid-section improve the glide to pick up speed for take-off and reduce drag after landings and touch-downs to pop back up instantly.


Unleash your talent with the Sky Style!


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