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Expanding on the triumph of the Sky Wing range, the Sky Free boasts numerous design and construction enhancements, available in a wide range of sizes from 95 liters to 130 liters. Featuring an early planing rocker line and a well-balanced, stable floating character, the Sky Free makes it effortless for riders of all levels, from novices to experienced ones, to get up to speed and into foiling mode.


The Sky Free is the quintessential board range for anyone - from newbie to experienced freeride winger!


Experienced wingers will love the smaller Sky Free models for their light wind abilities. The new feature of moderate rail bevels helps to pump the board out of the water more easily and reduces drag through more parallel bottom contours for incredibly early starts.


The deck recess boosts stability and the extra volume in the nose section helps learners to keep the nose up, but also recovers from nose dives of experienced wingers when landing their first jumps.


The Sky Free takes you all the way from zero to hero!


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