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Uncompromised efficiency at its best! Our Downwinder has undergone a full redesign, now available in three sleek and lightweight shapes designed to make foiling effortless and cover miles with ease.


One of the first boards the Spencer brothers Finn and Jeffrey worked on after joining Team Duotone was the redesign of the Downwinder shapes. Resulting in sleek, fast and narrow designs, with efficient glide that accelerates with just a few paddle strokes on the smallest bump. For the 2024 collection we’re offering four dedicated from the small 6'4" x 19” and 6'10" x 20” to the mid-sized 7'2" x 21" and the stable and easy 7'8" x 22.5”, in volumes of 85, 95, 115 and 135l.


With a low rocker, stretched outline and clean bottom contours, the boards are incredibly easy to bring up to take-off speed. Once in motion, the slim pin tails with pronounced rail bevels on the larger models are easy to push into the water to pump your board and foil out for take-off. The rounded rails up in the nose area are less prone to catch and to steer the board in unwanted directions, making take-off and touchdowns forgiving and neutral, so you can focus on the bumps instead of your board.


Due to the incredible glide and quick acceleration the Downwinder is also a real weapon for light wind Wing Foiling!


Built in lightweight full carbon construction, these boards have to be handled with care, but since the weight of the board is essential for paddle-up performance, we went for a no-compromise technology for the 2024 Downwinders.


Approx. 5-7 days delivery time
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