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Condition: crispy canopy.

Very Good condition.

No patches or repairs.

Loose deflate cap, but doesn't come off, works fine, it's attached with velcro when closed.


Sculp is a high performance kite suitable for almost every rider. It performs exceptionally well in so many aspects. Sculp is amazing for freeride with unbelievable upwind ability and it is superb for freestyle because of its huge hang time and speedy profile for quick kiteloops. This kite is perfect for riders looking for a comfortable freeride kite and also for riders looking to progress in their freestyle skills. Sculp is all about fun, power, speed and performance.




  • Flat Delta Shape
  • 3 Strut Design
  • 4 Line System
  • One Pump System
  • Speed Profile Struts
  • Quick Turning Response
  • Light Bar Pressure
  • Easy Relaunch

2012 CrazyFly Sculp 11m with bar

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