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Boat & Radio helmets. 1.5hr private or 3hr shared with 1 student



The Wing foil Boat Lesson This lesson is suitable for those who have some previous experience with a wing - ideally experience with a wing on SUP board or other Wind sport Foiling experience (call us if unsure if that lesson is for you) If you haven't flown a wing before we strongly recommend that you sign up for our Wing Foil SUP lesson! Private 1.5hr lesson or Shared Lesson with another student (2 people - 3 hr. lesson). Price $300/pp (for both options) If we have more than one student for any given time we will take you out with someone else. We use our boats and BBTalking Radio helmets for all our wing foiling lessons for your safest and fastest possible progress. As any other wind sports while learning you travel downwind (with the wind) quite fast and walking back upwind with all the heavy gear is very exhausting, so you would spend more time walking then learning without a boat support. Our Boat will take you back upwind and the Instructor stays behind you for your safety and to give you immediate and clear instructions through the radio which is build in your helmet. We fully focus to get you up on the foil in this lesson as we consider that you have some previous wing skills or that you have taken our first Wing SUP lesson already. This lesson is mainly in the water (not at the beach)! You also don't have to worry about other water users (kiters especially) as we will keep you in the safe zone away from them. Full focus on your progress. We use the latest & safest equipment available - big & stable boards and foils that are easy to balance and also wings that are easy to handle for beginners / intermediates.

We have rental program for our students (check with your instructor after your lesson). All our lessons are held in Botany Bay. KBL Wing Foil school - Botany Bay/Sydney Faster&Safer Progress!

Wing Foil BOAT lessons (2)

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