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Price includes the following: 2x2h Private Beach Lesson 2.5h Boat Lesson (Total of 6.5 Hours) Ultimate Kiteboarding Lesson Package / Available 7 days a Week! Are you serious about Kiteboarding? This is your best way to start! The first booking you sign in online is for the first 2h Private Lesson. The remaining lessons will be scheduled over the phone or in person after the first lesson. The first two private lessons (one instructor, one student) run on the beach. We cover everything you must know before going into the deep water. This includes site analysis, wind direction, weather, equipment setup, important safety aspects, self-rescue, how to launch / water relaunch, flying&controlling the kite, body dragging in the water, handling the board in water... Your third lessons runs out of the boat away from the shore. This lesson takes 2.5h and you will share this lesson with another student. This lesson can cover body dragging, getting up on the board, riding upwind, changing direction, basic jumps, riding heel and toe side etc.. The lesson is tailored according to what you achieved in the previous lessons. The instructor follows you in a boat, communicating via the latest Bluetooth Communication device for direct&fast progression! There is no walking back up the beach, saving time and energy, so you can progress at a quicker rate! You also don´t need to worry about other beach users and kiters and can fully focus on your progress! Wetsuit Hire $40 for all lesson

6.5 Hr Kiteboarding lessons Package

  • If you would like a name other than that of the purchaser on your voucher, please use the 'add a note' function when checking out to enter the name the voucher should be addressed too.

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