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Available 7 days a week weather permitting!


Been out of the water for a while?

Not yet confident after you had your lessons a while ago?

New to the spot and still in the early stages of your kiteboarding adventure?


If you answer any of the questions with Yes, then the refresher lesson is for you!


We build up your confidence and the lesson can cover almost anything depending on what you want to learn or go through again!

Site assessment, Weather, Equipment (setting up, tuning), Kite flying and body dragging, using the board, going upwind, transition, self launching/landing and self-rescue are some examples what we could cover!


After this lesson you will feel more at ease and comfortable to go out alone and head back out onto the water.

Private 2hr Refresher Kiteboarding Lesson

  • If you would like a name other than that of the purchaser on your voucher, please use the 'add a note' function when checking out to enter the name the voucher should be addressed too.

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