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2024 Duotone Evo


The Evo: Your All-Access Pass to Kiteboarding Bliss


The Evo isn't just a kite, it's an invitation to shred across every aspect of kiteboarding. Whether you crave the adrenaline rush of big jumps, the freedom of freeriding, the technical mastery of hooked freestyle, or the flow of carving waves, the Evo has you covered.

This feature-packed kite combines impressive performance with effortless control, making it a great choice for riders of all levels. It's like having a fast-track pass to improvement – you'll be unlocking new skills and pushing your limits in no time.


The Evo is one of our most sought-after models, and its popularity is a testament to its characteristics and capabilities.

This three-strut, versatile kite has been designed to offer an impressive blend of high performance across a range of disciplines that is easily accessible. It's the ideal choice for riders who revel in the thrill of freeriding and getting big air but also love to do some hooked freestyle tricks and wave riding.


The Evo truly embodies versatility, catering to both seasoned pros and newcomers alike. When it comes to getting airborne, the Evo's boost is exceptional, offering a floaty hangtime that allows for kite loops limited only by your courage.

From nimble, tight loops to huge mega loops, the Evo has a repertoire that covers it all. Furthermore, the kite provides multiple tuning options on the tips, enabling you to fine-tune it to match your unique riding style.

The Evo is not only designed to perform but also built to last. Constructed with Trinity TX and Dacron, it combines lightweight attributes with exceptional durability. Whether you're a novice, a seasoned professional, or somewhere in between, this kite is a constant performer that will evolve with you throughout your kiteboarding journey. The kite is incredibly easy to fly, and the performance is there in spades; you’ll find it easy to unlock whatever your level. The Evo is truly a kite that will help you improve your riding skills and take your kiteboarding to the next level. 


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Duotone Evo 2024 Kite

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