2020 Duotone Carve Carbon 950 Wing Set



Perfect flatwater freeride carving set up, but also designed for riders looking to take their foiling into the waves – fast maneuverable and with an incredible glide.



The new Spirit Carve 700 has been designed to offer the ultimate flatwater free ride platform for foilers who want a wing that can carve on a dime. The all-new carbon front wing has been combined with a back wing shape which offers incredible stability. The front wing provides plenty of lift and a low stall speed.

This means on the wave, you can have total control and stay foiling when the kite is drifting with no power, allowing you to feel the power of the ocean under your feet. The mast connection ensures the best connection for the mast into the top plate and fuselage.


This connection is important for the transmission from your feet to the foil, giving you total control. The whole system is modular, and you can run different mast and wing configurations for various conditions.  Not just for waves the foil is fun for cruising, allowing you to carve turns and learn tacks and gybes with ease.

The Spirit Carve 700 will give you the ultimate freeride experience, but also new feelings in smaller waves, total control at any speed with unrivalled lift and stability, get ready to get stoked!




2020 Duotone Carve Carbon 700 Wing Set

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