NORTH 2018 Free Foil Board 5'0 




The Free Foil is a modern, all round, foil specific board offering the easiest entry to the world of foil boarding in a very durable construction at a very interesting price point!


  • Easy access entry level to intermediate
  • Big planing surface
  • Low volume makes it easy to handle
  • Full rubber/cork deck
  • Lightweight Balsa multicore
  • Three and Two strap setup
  • 4 point connection
  • Twintip construction



Speedster Combo

The Speedster Combo is an easy accessible foil and the ideal tool to quickly improve your foiling skills.  Due to its specific characteristics, it delivers a huge speed range and an amazing riding stability.


  • High lift and resistance stall
  • Little speed required to lift off and remain flying
  • Huge speed range
  • Carbon Compound wings and fuselage
  • 90 cm aluminium mast and plate
  • Included back wing wedge which exerts less force thus helping the beginner to control the lift of the foil
  • Winglets to improve not only directional stability in a straight line but also the ability of the foil to track smoothly through a turn
  • Optional 65 cm mast for schools
  • Complementary fully padded travel foil bag that enables you to pad your assembled foil

2018 North Free Foil Kite 5'0 Foilboard

AU$983.30 Regular Price
AU$688.31Sale Price
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