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Best has created the Ouija using a Primo Wood Core. This structure, combined with glass and wood laminates assures the perfect balance between stiffness and flex and makes the board extremely durable, but light at the same time. Another advantage of this structure is that it generates controlled flex zones which provide the perfect pop and flex positioning. Comfort is provided by the Discreet mounting system which allows the ride to choose the best suited stance and assures optimal bond between feet and board. 


The board is easy to handle and predictable, so it can be used even by beginner riders who have a few skills and look for extra thrill, but what really defines the Ouija is explosive pop, high speed and aggressive riding. The board features a compact shape, with parallel outlines and slightly rounded tips. This profile makes it very agile and allows the rider to experience a fast glide. Combined with a proper kite, the Ouija behaves just like a sports car: it is fast, it turns really tight and it offers high jumps and lifts.


The wide radius tips and refined rails maximize edge to edge control and improve the upwind and early planning potential. The board has awesome pop and it is quite aggressive, but it also has unmatched control and remains steady in all situations. The concave bottom design allows the rider to control it without effort and assures smooth landings. The flex tips technology makes the board very comfortable and permits it to absorb any shocks from wave impacts. The board is crafted using computer controlled 3D shaping which improves overall performance.



2009 Best Ouija 134x41.5

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