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Rental & Lesson T's & C's

Terms and Conditions:


Rental & Lesson terms and conditions apply to any activity at the kiteboarding location that can be classified as an activity conducted by KBL Kiteboarding Lessons staff or contractors. This includes KBL Lessons with an Instructor, Workshops and Equipment Rental. Our staff is striving to make your experience with us the best it can be. The following will outline the rules of engagement with us when purchasing a lesson or renting our equipment.


Prior Student experience.


We arrange our schedule, instructors and lesson plans according to your level. If the information you provide about your weight, height, prior experience or your level of kiteboarding does not match your true level your instructor will automatically adjust the content and equipment of your lesson according to your true level.

Lesson Commencement


Our lessons are planned back to back as only a few hours per day permit teaching. If the student arrives late at the spot we will not be able to extend the lesson time to make up for the loss. 

Unexpected breaks and disturbances


KBL is responsible to ensure that students can practise in a safe learning environment. Sometimes the instructor will be required to stop the lesson for a short break to remove any dangerous kiters, swimmers or other obstacles for you to keep practising safely. The time taken for this is considered part of your lesson and can be, but is not obligated to, add at the end of the lesson.



Weather Conditions.


Wind and weather are key to complete a lesson. However, if wind conditions change abruptly and your instructor cannot finish the lesson, you will be given a refund or credit for the time remaining. Your instructor can however decide to rearrange the lesson plan to adapt to current weather conditions. KBL Kiteboarding Lessons assumes that every student, if not communicated otherwise and advance, is interested in completing a complete training course. The guideline here is that 50% of your lesson must include practical use of the kite and up to 50% can be theoretical knowledge and safety measures. 


Instructor-Student Relationship


This section will govern the relationship between the instructor and student.


Students are required to follow their instructor's directions at all times. The instructor will make sure that all signals and commands are clear, and have been understood. If the student continues to demonstrate conscious ignorance of  the previously agreed signals, the instructor will issue a first warning. If the student continues to ignore the commands issued by the instructor, the lesson will be concluded and the student will no longer be able to partake in the lesson.  



A deposit can be made on the website or in person to confirm a booking. Returning customers may also be eligible to receive the booking fee waived. The head instructor may request a full payment of the booking fee before lesson commencement. 



Health and Fitness Requirements

Students are required to notify KBL Kiteboarding Lessons at the time of booking the course of any medical condition suffered by them that may be relevant to the activity to be undertaken on the course and which could be considered a risk to their own or others health and safety. All information given will be treated with strict confidentiality. A KBL instructor will assesses the information given on the form. The student will either be allowed to commence in the lesson, will receive a specially tailored lesson, or the lesson will be cancelled and a full refund will be granted.  Any misinformation will void the partakers insurance cover for which KBL Kiteboarding Lessons will not be held accountable. 

Age requirements

To commence in our standard beach and boat lessons the student must have a minimum age of 12 years. Special, or modified, lessons with specially trained instructors are available for younger children. In consultation with the head instructor, the age guidelines may be reduced after considering mental state and body weight.

Other requirements.

You are required to sign the waiver form at the beginning of the lesson. If you do not sign the waiver form you may not proceed with taking part in the lesson.

You are required to adhere to the instructions provided to you by your instructor. If you fail to do so the instructor might determine the immediate end of the lesson.


Cancellation policies

Cancellation by KBL Kiteboarding Lessons

KBL Kiteboarding Lessons reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a lesson at any point up to 60 minutes before commencement due to any unforseen reasons. If a KBL Kiteboarding Lessons instructor shows up late and fails to show up without notice, the student is eligible to receive a full refund of the fees paid. Likewise if wind conditions do not allow the practice of kiteboarding to take place.

KBL Kiteboarding Lessons reserves the right to cancel a course or to request that a student withdraws from the course if the safety of others is in any doubt.

KBL Kiteboarding Lessons reserves the right to alter the course to suit conditions and the needs of the group, making every effort to deliver the booked activity.


Cancellation by Student

The student may cancel the lesson at any point for any reason. Upon cancellation, the following charges may apply. If the student does not show up their deposit or lesson fee will be kept. In special circumstances, the student can provide a doctors notes to be eligible to receive back the lesson/ sign up fee. 

If you are late KBL Kiteboarding lessons will deduct this time from your lesson duration.The student is not able to determine a cancellation due to weather conditions, only the KBL Kiteboarding instructor is able to determine unfavourable weather conditions and will inform the student accordingly. 



By renting any equipment from KBL Kiteboarding lessons you agree to the following, reasonable terms and conditions for rental equipment. 

Cost of rentals

The rental fee is determined under the product on the HIRE page. KBL Kiteboarding Lessons Pty Ltd. will also take a deposit of 150 dollar for possible damages. Deposit is refundable on return of undamaged equipment. Proof of ID and a credit card may be requested by staff members for rental. 


Rental Process.

The receiver of rental equipment will gain access to the  equipment specified in the rental agreement, and may use this equipment for the purpose of conducting Kiteboarding activities. The receiver is asked to take reasonable precautions during the use and transport to protect the rental equipment from receiving any damage. Guidelines for how to treat rental equipment can be requested by one of or staff members.


In order to be eligible to be considered a receiver of rental equipment and sign the rental agreement the receiver must be 18 years of age . Kiteboarders from 14 years of age can also rent equipment if a parent or legal guardian signs the rental agreement in addition to the underage person. By signing the rental agreement you will also consent to the content of the student waiver form.


Termination of rental agreement

The rental agreement may be ended at any point of time for any 1 of the following 3 reasons.


1. Student determines the immediate end of rental agreement


The student can at any time discontinue the rental agreement after consulting the supervising instructor. The instructor will notify the student directly or after a consultation with the head instructor whether or not a refund is possible.


2. Instructor determines the immediate end of rental agreement

The instructor may, under certain circumstances, terminate the rental agreement. The reasons can include: student engages in dangerous behavior to themselves or other beach users; the student has provided misinformation about their IKO kiteboarding level; the student is physically and psychologically not able to continue kiteboarding; instructor believes weather conditions are not suitable to effectively continue practising. In all circumstances except the latter, a refund of the rental fee is not possible.


3. Weather conditions determine the immediate end of rental agreement

If weather conditions do not allow the student to safely continue kiteboarding in the chosen location the rental agreement may be terminated. The following criteria may be considered unsuitable weather conditions: windspeed below 10 knots; dangerous cloud cover; wind direction frequently changing. The premature termination of the rental agreement due to unsuitable weather conditions will be conducted by the instructor and not by the student.


Proper use of equipment



The student is not required to purchase additional insurance as this is already included in the rental fee. However, in the following exceptions, the student will not be covered by the school insurance.


If the student: provides untrue information regarding his level of kiteboarding; engages in reckless behaviour, does not treat the equipment with the required care/ caution. Any of these behaviours will result in the annulment of the standard school insurance cover.  In this case KBL will deduct an excess of $500 for every kite, and $100 for any other piece of equipment if an incident occurs. The rate may be lowered by the head instructor in certain circumstances.


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